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Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is a significant evolution in machining. MQL Vacuums yield improved surface finish while providing state-of-the-art environmental advantages including enhanced safety on the plant floor. These machines help your business to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in coolant costs annually.

The chip volume, pace, and lack of moisture in an MQL application make the traditional approaches to chip handling obsolete. Because of this, Inter-Source engineered an original duct seal (patent pending), never before seen in the industry, to transfer chips to the cyclone. From there, conventional chip management components—conveyors, blowers, hoppers, etc.—are deployed.

Chips are vacuumed from the product surface in real time, practically eliminating clean-up between machining cycles, boosting production by nearly 80%. MQL is innovation in manufacturing matched by innovation from Inter-Source.

Video of MQL vacuum for aerospace demonstrating the success of Inter-Source’s innovative seal.