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Go Green with Inter-Source

Image of metal waste at a scrap yard. Image credit: PxHere

Green Facts


  1. Oils and coolants not removed from metal contaminate water, air, and land during production and
  2. Remelting wet chips consumes up to 40% more CO2 than dry chips.
  3. Smelting and the resulting slag are huge contributors to air and land pollution.
  4. Industry activities (including drilling for oil and mining for metal) create 24% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

The Cycle of Metal


Mining, extracting, and smelting metals all have huge carbon footprints, but Inter-Source’s machines reduce your business’s overall emissions.

Throughout the globe, the mining and metal industry contributes to only 8% of carbon emissions, but 99% of those emissions are created during the refining and smelting process of iron ore and steel. Cutting fluids also release methane and carbon into the air, both of which cause visible air pollution in the form of smog and acid rain. While emissions are inescapable, environmental contamination doesn’t have to be.

A coal fired power plant on the Ohio River just West of Cincinnati. Image Credit: Robert S. Donovan via Indiana Legal Archive

Image Credit: OpenClipart

Inter-Source Has Always Been Green


At Inter-Source, our goal is to curtail the amount of new oil that is drilled and new metals that are mined. Not only does this save you money, it drastically decreases your company’s carbon footprint. Inter-Source systems prepare metal chips and cutting fluids for immediate reuse in your facility, which cuts transportation costs and helps you get the most out of your investments.

Green is natural to Inter-Source systems, not just empty words.