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Automatic chip processing and successful pucking (chip densification) requires fluid removal via wringers. Inter-Source offers the most comprehensive range of sizes and types, and owns the patents on many critical wringer advancements. Only Inter-Source guarantees a retained moisture content of 2% or less on processed chips, and typically, the moisture content is substantially lower.

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Wringer Sizes

Range of sizes
A coin stands steadily, demonstrating the durable engineering of this 12” wringer
Chip migration shown with use of a strobe
12” wringer at work

Wringer Innovations

Inter-Source Principals own the patents on many of the industry’s most significant advances of the last quarter century. Here are a few of our innovations to maximize reliability, ease of operation and ROI.



Video Example

Automatic belt tensioning

Wringer Examples

These are just a few of the systems Inter-Source has engineered to solve chip management challenges. Our rugged wringers are overbuilt to ensure minimal maintenance. They’re the most durable in the industry.