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Since 1984, we’ve been engineering systems for clients in industries from automotive and aerospace, to durable goods and specialty metals.
We’ve installed over 600 systems in seven different countries.

Most systems fall into one of the three broad categories pictured below. Each system is designed to optimize chip management for that particular application, taking into consideration factors such as volume, metals, fluids, and facility constraints.

Featured are just a few examples of what we’ve developed.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery systems move chips on-demand, integrated into the process.
This eliminates the labor, housekeeping and safety challenges associated with manual transport.

Vacuum Collection

Utilizing spaces away from production, pneumatic processing moves chips and the associated fluids without the need for labor, and eliminating the inherent safety and housekeeping concerns.

Robot Operated Vacuum
Vacuum Flex Hose Machining
Center Clean-Up
Vacuum Flex Hose Tray Clean-Up
Pick-Up Boot Interior
Vacuum Flex Hose Cart Clean-Up

Tub Dumping

Often, facility constraints or production demands result in tub dumping being the best solution for chip removal and conveyance into the processing system.  Inter-Source has engineered a variety of advancements to enhance safety, minimize housekeeping, and ensure efficient handling.

High-Volume, Dual 50″ Wringer System.
40″ System Discharging Pneumatically to a Van Type Trailer.