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Inter-Source designs and engineers systems for industries from automotive and aerospace to durable goods and specialty metals. Since 1984, we have installed hundreds of systems. Holding more than 30 patents, our systems utilize up-to-date technology making us innovation leaders in our field to help you be an innovator in yours.

Inter-Source aims to be partners in the process by providing throughout the entire chip management process. Most systems fall into one of the three broad categories: continuous delivery, vacuum collection, and tub dumping. Each system is designed to optimize chip management for that application, taking into consideration factors such as volume, metals, fluids, and facility constraints.

20″ skid-mounted system.

20″ skid-mounted system.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery systems move chips on-demand with a system integrated into your processes. These systems eliminate the labor, housekeeping, and safety challenges associated with manual transport. Inter-Source has original patents for conveyors and wringer systems of various sizes, and each one is tailored to your business needs upon purchase.


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Vacuum Collection

Utilizing spaces away from production, pneumatic processing moves chips and associated fluids with the goal of eliminating inherent safety and housekeeping concerns. Our automated and robot vacuums can be used without physical labor, and our handheld hoses allow for flexible use in small spaces to clean up machine areas and carts without hand collecting metal chips.


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Handheld Vacuum Collection

Vacuum Flex Hose Tray Clean-Up
Vacuum Flex Hose Cart Clean-Up

Tub Dumping

In some cases, facility constraints or production demands mean tub dumping is the best solution for chip removal and conveyance into the processing system. Inter-Source engineers various systems and components to enhance safety, minimize housekeeping, and ensure efficient handling. These machines include self-dumping carts, heavy-duty dumpers, and systems with built-in collection trays. As is true of all of our systems, these machines are customizable to fit your business needs.


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High-Volume, Dual 50″ Wringer System.
40″ System Discharging Pneumatically to a Van Type Trailer.