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Shredders may be broadly classified as either flume—chips are brought to the shredder in the coolant stream, or radial—chips are introduced to the shredding face with a radial action. Shredders may be hydraulic or mechanical, with single or dual drives, in a variety of sizes and integrated with conveyors, dumpers and other equipment to ensure efficient, consistent sizing and throughput.

Flume ShreddersRadial ShreddersShredder Examples

Flume Shredders

Flume shredders are typically installed in coolant (cutting fluid) streams, in the trough.

Radial Shredders

Rotary (radial) shredders size and meter wet chips and separate solids generally at the machining center.

Shredder Examples

These are just a few of the systems Inter-Source has engineered to solve chip management challenges. Our shredders are the most durable in the industry.

Video Examples

Various chip configurations
Twin screw conveyors feed
Rotary ring shredder example
Stringy steel chip application