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Remanufactured & Used Equipment

Even in these challenging times, the availability of used Inter-Source equipment varies due to its proven durability, dependability, and performance. When our components do become available for sale, they go quickly. If you are interested in a previously owned Inter-Source system or component, we offer:

Used Systems

Used 30” Inter-Source system 51313 as installed in 2005.
Without Shredder. With Cart Dumper. With Push button control panel.
OEM remanufactured with warranty.
Please contact us with your application requirements.

Used 30” Inter-Source system 51313

Used Equipment

This equipment is occasionally available directly from Inter-Source, or indirectly through referral to the current owner. When considering used equipment, contact Inter-Source for comprehensive maintenance information on that equipment. When we repurchase used Inter-Source equipment, we may also recondition it.

Remanufactured Equipment

This equipment consists of systems / components we have in-house. It is restored to its original specifications, incorporating available upgrades, and offered for resale with warranties, making it a very cost-effective way to obtain Inter-Source quality with proven performance. Here are examples of re-manufactured products.

Combinations of Used, New and Remanufactured Equipment

Inter-Source’s “systems approach” means that our components are designed to integrate with each other. Contact us for a discussion of how used, remanufactured and new equipment may be combined to optimize your application’s ROI.

Remanufactured System Headed to New Application

Used 30” Inter-Source System has been remanufactured to the exact requirements of the system’s new application. With a remanufactured Wringer, Cart Dumper, Drag Conveyor & Hopper, and Control Panel, this system will process chips for years to come. Only Inter-Source guarantees OEM remanufacturing with warranty. Please contact us with your application requirements.