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Moving chips is typically handled pneumatically or mechanically. Pneumatic conveyors employ air to move material, while mechanical conveyors use machines to move materials.

Mechanical ConveyorsPneumatic Conveyors

Mechanical Conveyors


Inter-Source manufactures all types of mechanical conveyors: Screw, twin screw, H-chain, trough, drag, in-floor push bar, steel belt, side-wing. Conveyors can be constructed in all sizes for efficient transport. Mechanical conveyors can be installed above the floor or under the floor.



Video Examples

Steel Belt Conveyer
Side Wing Conveyer
Very small granular bulk materials are transported with high-speed belt conveyance

Pneumatic Conveyors


Pneumatic conveyors employ air to move material. Either positive pressure (blowing) or vacuum (sucking) can be used. Often the pressure created by the wringer can be used to power the conveyor. Pneumatic conveyors are typically installed overhead.




Pneumatic Conveyor Installation
40″ system discharging pneumatically to a van type trailer
Pneumatic conveyor blowing chips into a covered trailer, following processing through a 30″ Inter-Source wringer system

Conveyor Features


Rotary airlock mechanically introduces high volumes of dry chips into a pressurized pneumatic conveying system for transport over distances of a couple hundred feet to over 1,000 feet. Chips can be discharged into silos, hoppers, bunkers, rail cars, or van-type trailers.