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About Inter-Source


Utilizing a systems approach to chip processing, Inter-Source engineers and manufactures a complete range of chip management systems to ensure our components meet your unique business needs. We are partners in the process from vacuum and conveyer collection to centrifugal wringers and briquetters.

Since 1984, Inter-Source has focused on recovery solutions with unprecedented ROI while eliminating environmental contamination and containing waste management. If you can think it, we can do it at Inter-Source. With continuous innovation, Inter-Source can customize systems and components to your company’s needs. As good as your old system is, your new one will be better.


Inter-Source Headquarters

Inter-Source Headquarters


Return on Investment (ROI)


The wet chips in your facility are typically comprised of between 15% and 25% oil and coolant. By removing more than 98% of these cutting fluids, you are recovering between 21 and 35 gallons of liquid for every 1,000 pounds of metal chips. You can then reuse this liquid as you would new cutting fluids. In addition to recovering fluids in-house, the value of chips on the secondary scrap market increase when the foundry doesn’t have to run the kiln at high speeds. By removing cutting fluids with the Inter-Source system, you will see a rapid return on your investment.

The quality of Inter-Source machines does not change with age. Whether you purchased a vacuum collection system or push carts, with proper maintenance and part replacement, our machines can last an average of three times longer than our competitors’ machines, which are designed to be replaced in as little as five years. Inter-Source can even retrofit new components on an old system to increase the longevity of your original purchase.

Innovation Leaders


Inter-Source is a leader in innovation with relentless evolution. One way we do this is with 30 patents and more on the way because we update our technology to fit your needs. Inter-Source grows with you.



 See all Inter-Source patents here.

I-SOS: PLC and operator interface and software used for the operation of chip processing systems.

Apparatus and method for conveying materials.

Dynamic Chip Management for chip processing machine.

Parts Separator Apparatus and Method of Shredding.

In-line shredder apparatus and method for shredding materials.

Wet chip pick-up assembly.

System and method of shredding wet chips in a flume.

Wet chip centrifugal separator suspension system.

Chip wringer bowl blade improvement.

Parts separator device for separating heavy materials from chips and lubricants.



30″ dual wringer system.

30″ Dual Wringer System

Over the course of 2 weeks, one customer has reconstituted 150 gallons of oil. In other words, they will save approximately $168,987 per year (depending on oil prices).

Go Green with Inter-Source


Inter-Source’s green wringers use 900 g-forces to remove cutting fluids from metal chips. Environmental contamination is entirely eliminated with less than 2% liquid retention after going through our systems. Remelting dry chips consumes up to 40% less CO2 than wet chips. While CO2 consumption is an inevitable part of the manufacturing process, Inter-Source’s green systems give you a significant opportunity to reduce contamination before metal chips leave your facility.

Learn more about reducing CO2 and waste with Inter-Source’s green machines here.