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All you make is chips.™


Parts Separator / Shredder / Wringer Configuration


Comprehensive range of sizes and types


As the industry leader, Inter-Source manufactures a rotary shredder for use at the machining center or in a flume


H-chain conveyors used in applications requiring non-linear movement, and pneumatic conveyors move dry chips to roll-out containers via a remotely controlled diverter gate.


We offer several models of separators: Vibratory, Static, Magnetic

Dumpers & Carts

We protect your current cart investment by integrating the configuration into the chip management system


Since 1984, Inter-Source has engineered chip management solutions for companies in a variety of industries including wheel manufacturing and aerospace. With a focus on a rapid return on investment (ROI), our many machines are customized to your application and needs. Some of our systems are still running 30 years after installation with routine maintenance. Since opening our doors, Inter-Source has engineered and installed hundreds of systems in several countries.

At Inter-Source, our goal is to make your job easier by drastically reducing safety and housekeeping concerns. Consult with our engineers to determine which chip management solution is best for your needs. Our top-selling systems remove oils and coolants from your chips to reduce pollution and increase your ROI. By removing more than 98% of cutting fluids from your chips and eliminating external, environmental contamination, our systems reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40%. Whether you want to reconstitute the chips and liquids or sell them to a scrap yard, our clean, green, CO2-reducing machines will do the job for you.

Inter-Source knows, “All you make is chips.”™ Not computer chips. Not poker chips. Not potato chips. Not buffalo chips, but metal chips.

What do you do with your chips? Inter-Source’s green systems leave your chips with less than 2% liquid retention, decreasing your costs and environmental impact. Inter-Source’s autonomous chip management makes your chips useful again.


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copper metal shavings

Success Story:

I am not ashamed of our chip spinning area anymore.
In fact, it has become one of the bright spots in our building.
I am proud to show visitors our Inter-Source system

– Scott Kellenberger, President F&H Manufacturing Inc.

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From Hazardous Waste to ROI:

As it turns out, Northrop is being paid an excess of $50,000 a year for those aluminum chips.

– Andrew Schamisso for American Machinist, 1991

Wringer Innovations

Wringer Innovations

The wringer is the heart of a chip management system, so much of our focus has been on optimizing its operation. Innovations include automatic belt tensioning, which eliminate routine maintenance and ensures peak wringer performance. We’re the only one in the industry...

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12” Wringer: Recycling Short Runs & Expensive Alloys

12” Wringer: Recycling Short Runs & Expensive Alloys

Short runs of exotic or expensive alloys are routine in the medical device and pharmaceutical OEM industries. Now those alloys and their cutting fluids may be routinely—and optimally—recycled as well, with Inter-Source’s 12″ wringer. The compact wringer is easily...

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MQL Vacuum for Aerospace

MQL Vacuum for Aerospace

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) is a significant evolution in machining. MQL Vacuums yield improved surface finish while providing state-of-the-art environmental advantages including enhanced safety on the plant floor. These machines help your business to save...

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